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About the site

Hypnotecture is a website committed to providing accurate, well sourced information about sleep and sleep design.

An excerpt from the first post gives a bit more detail:

Most adults in the industrialized world spend more time sleeping than they do in any other single activity. In spite of his fact, most people probably spend less time thinking about how and when they sleep than they do about any number of other things which make up a much smaller portion of their lives. For example, while the standard work week on the United States is (nominally) 40 hours, the average adult spends less than 40 hours per week on all free time activities combined (reading, television, computer, religious practice, and so on), and about 55 hours per week asleep(1). Time spent with children and personal care activities other than sleeping each get an even smaller slice of time.

The time has come for us to reclaim our sleep. While there is much about sleep that we don’t understand, we know enough to enable us to conciously craft our sleep habits; to be architects of our sleep. Hence the term hypnotecture. Just as architecture is not merely construction engineering, but also incorporates ideas about design for aesthetics — form as well as function — so too hypnotecture is more than simply sleep design. Sleep should not only serve its biological purposes, but can provide add enjoyment, depth, and richness to life.

About the author

My name is Cavendish McKay, and I am an educator, entrepreneur, husband, and father. I recieved a Ph.D in physics from he University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2005. While I was a graduate student, and shortly after the birth of our second child, I spent about 6 months on an ultrashort polyphasic sleep schedule, sleeping about 2 hours out of every 24. The experience was amazing—so much so that I’ve been seriously interested in sleep and sleep schedules ever since. I currently live in southeastern Ohio with my wife, four children, and a cat.

(1) See, for example, Bianchi et al. (2007). Changing Rhythms of American Family Life. Russell Sage Foundation Publications.