Monthly Archives: August 2010


I've been working on an iPad app for the last few days, and it has been an interesting experience. Basically the app is a system for making and using rubrics, and I'm planning to use it in my classes to grade oral reports, homework portfolios, and so on. It is also the kind of thing


One of the projects I would like to develop (either as a capstone project with a student or on my own) deals with optimization, and in particular, biologically inspired algorithms for optimization. I dealt with optimization a little bit last year when we were working on a material validation problem; we were trying to find


We have our senior students do a capstone project as part of their requirements for graduation. Since I'm the professor of record for the capstone class this fall, I've been thinking a bit about the process, and how to help this year's crop of students have a better capstone experience. A part of my thought